CUC 2014 Series KMK

CUC 2014 Series KMK

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TDR80 Ultramarathon 2

TDR80 Ultramarathon 2


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1st Undress Ultramarathon (Undress Bonifacio Day Run)

My second Ultramarathon event for 2012. I opted to cancel my prior target of back to back International Races, due to financial issues, health matters and negative feed back from friends registered for the 1st Prycegas International Marathon. I reset my schedule, now first run is localy organized Ultra marathon event, the1st Undress Ultramarathon, Digos to Davao then Tagum. A triple category event, 110K solo, 110K relay and 55K Solo. I registered with the 55K relay with fellow TDR U mate Rinen.

I am the first Runner, for I have to catch my early morning flight to Manila and Corregidor for my second event the 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon, which I was sponsored by my company together with one of our top client, Mr. Wilson.

Both run was great, although it was very tiring but i’m very satisfied and happy.

December 2, I have to catch a plane again back to Davao, for i will have to support my fellow TDR mates for the 29th Davao Finishers Marathon, and i’m very excited and give back any support they could get.

Probably this will be my last Races for the year…….

More Marathons and Ultra Marathons lined up in 2013.

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Prycegas International Marathon

Will try to do a back to back International Races from Luzon’s 3rd Corregidor International half marathon to Mindanao’s First Prycegas International Marathon. Will perfectly do it

My First attempt after doing my first Ultra marathon in Cagayan de oro City.

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3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon

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CDO to Dahilayan Ultra Marathon 80K

First Ultra Marathon

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Preparing for my first Ultramarathon


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